Effective February 1, 2019 Roadside Assistance is now included for free for New and Existing Saxon Auto customers who have chosen Collision cover for their policy.
The 24 hour Customer Support Service Package consists of 4 main benefits:

  • Battery Jumpstart
  • Flat Tyre change
  • Emergency fuel
  • Towing Service (in case of breakdown where the auto cannot be restarted)


Number of Callouts: Unlimited during the policy term for the insured auto . Service available throughout Grand Cayman. 24 hours, every day of the year.

Terms and Conditions:


Effective from February 1, 2019

All existing and new (after Feb 1, 2019) Saxon Auto customers who have chosen the Collision option. Enrolment is automatic with the purchase of Collision coverage. There is currently no additional fee for the Assistance Service.


Access/Response Times/Number of Assistance Calls:

  • Assistance is available 24 hours a day; every day by calling the Assistance Operator (R&R) directly at 949-1613 or 926-0358
  • Assistance Operators will respond immediately or within a reasonable time to all assistance requests subject to traffic/weather or any other possible delays. Assistance Operators will always operate within the laws of the Cayman Islands
  • Number of Assistance Calls per policy period is unlimited. However, excessive usage over any period of time is subject to review and can result in limitations or withdrawal of service in future.


Battery Jumpstart:

  • Where the auto cannot be jumpstarted, the customer can opt for the auto to be towed to a location of their choice and the cost of towing is covered under this Assistance Package.
  • The cost of a replacement battery (if required) is for the account of the customer.


Flat Tyre Change:

  • Tyre change will be done at any location required- it does not matter if the flat tyre has occurred at your home
  • Tyre change will only be done with the spare tyre supplied by the customer.
  • If the spare tyre is not functional, the customer can be taken to the nearest tyre repair shop.
  • The cost of any tyre repairs are for the account of the customer.


Emergency Fuel:

  • If the auto has run out of fuel, emergency fuel will be supplied by the Assistance Operator at any location required.
  • The cost of any fuel supplied is for the account of the customer


Towing Service:

  • Towing Service is provided where the auto has broken down and cannot be restarted
  • The Assistance Operator will only tow the auto with the express agreement of the customer
  • The auto will be towed to the nearest agreed place of safety
  • The Assistance Operator will also transport or assist the customer in securing transportation to his/her destination.
  • Excluded auto s: Dump trucks, Tractor trailers, Tour buses or any other auto that is deemed unsafe to tow due to weight, size or other restrictions by the Assistance Operator
  • Towing service is extended for general auto breakdown. If Towing is required due to a Collision, this cost will be for the account of the customer (but may be covered/reimbursed under any resulting auto claim, subject to the terms of the policy coverage)


First Aid/Injury:

  • Assistance Operators are not trained to render first aid assistance but will make every effort to contact 911 assistance where required.